The Maintenance Workspace

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Enterprise Architect makes it easy to record and capture problems and issues as they arise, and document the solution and associated details. The Maintenance window provides a quick method of viewing and modifying the list of defects, changes, issues and 'to do' items associated with a particular model element. Access this window by selecting the View | Maintenance menu option, or by pressing [Alt]+[4].

Four tabs provide access to Element Defects, Element Changes, Element Issues and Element Tasks; click on the required tab and select model elements in diagrams or in the Project Browser window to see the associated maintenance items. You can include defects, changes, issues and tasks in the main RTF documentation and HTML produced by Enterprise Architect. The RTF Setup dialog has checkboxes to show or hide element defects, changes, issues and tasks.


Using the toolbar, you can add or delete items and show or hide the Properties window to enable you to edit each item in the list.