Add New Diagrams

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To add a new diagram, follow the steps below:

1.In the Project Browser window, select the appropriate package or element under which to place the diagram.
2.Do one of the following:
·In the Project Browser toolbar click on the New Diagram icon
·Right-click to open the context menu and select the Add | Add Diagram or Add | Add <type> Diagram menu option
·Press [Insert] and select the Add | Add Diagram or Add | Add <type> Diagram menu option, or
·Select the Project | Add Diagram menu option.
The New Diagram dialog displays.
3.The Name field defaults to the name of the selected package or element; if necessary, type a different name for the new diagram.
4.In the Select From panel, click on the appropriate diagram category for the diagram. The Diagram Types panel displays a list of the diagram types within the selected category.
5.In the Diagram Types panel, click on the type of diagram to create.
6.Click on the OK button to create your new diagram.

Note: The diagram type determines the default toolbar associated with the diagram and whether it can be set as a child of another element in the Project Browser window (eg. a Sequence diagram under a Use Case).

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