Change Linked Images to Embedded Images

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One of the options available when generating RTF documentation is the ability to store image files in a separate directory to the RTF document. If at a later stage it becomes desirable to embed the images in the RTF documentation, this is especially important when the document is to be distributed. If the images are stored in a separate directory recipients of document see only the placeholder of images rather than the actual images.

If you import an RTF document into Word with the images not embedded into the document, you have the option of breaking the links to the images and saving the image in the document.

To Break Image Links in Word

1.Open the required RTF file in Word.
2.Select the Edit | Links menu option.
3.Highlight all links in the Links list.
4.Select the Save Picture in Document checkbox.
5.Click on the Break Link button.
6.When prompted, click on the Yes button to break links.

Word breaks the links and saves copies of the images inside the document. You can distribute this document without the image directory.