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The Quick Linker provides a simple and fast way to create new elements and connectors on a diagram. When an element is selected in a diagram, the Quick Linker icon is displayed in the upper right corner of a element. Simply clicking and dragging the icon enables you to create new connectors and elements. The philosophy behind the built-in Quick Linker definitions has always been to provide not a complete list of valid or legal connections, but a short and convenient list of the commonest connections for the given context. As part of a UML Profile, you can add to or replace the built-in Quick Linker definitions; the following sections of this document explain how.

Customized Quick Linker Settings

A Quick Linker definition is a CSV format file. It is best manipulated in a spreadsheet which should be set up to save the CSV file as comma-separated text without quotation marks around text fields.

To add a Quick Linker definition file to a profile or technology, simply place a DocumentArtifact element onto the Profile diagram. Give it the name "QuickLink" then double-click on it. Open your CSV file in a text editor such as Notepad and copy and paste the contents into the DocumentArtifact element. The definitions are saved with the profile and are processed and applied when the profile is imported. The same applies if a profile is included within a technology, with the proviso that the QuickLink element must be in the same profile as the link stereotype definitions. This means that a technology could have a set of Quick Link definitions for each profile.

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