Report Output Sample

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An example of the output from a Issues report is shown below:


List of Project Issues: 24-Jul-2007 9:47:00 AM







Test servers will be delayed

24/07/2007 Elosie Norman

The test server builds have been delayed because the particular (unusual) memory requirements to match the customer's site are not available on shore. They are being sourced from Singapore but it will delay the builds and delivery of the machines.

Closed: 24/07/2007 Geoffrey Sparks The machines will be built and delivered using standard memory and the proprietary memory will be added later. All performance tests will be delayed until the memory is available.

Public Holidays

24/07/2007 Joanna Stoat

The schedule includes staff working on public holidays. A number of staff have indicated that contrary to what they stated earlier they are not available.

Open: 24/07/2007

Compiler Version disparity

24/07/2007 Elosie Norman

A number of the developers have downloaded different versions of a number of the compilers. This has lead to unpredictable builds impacting on testing.

Under Review: 24/07/2007