Review Package History

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Reviewing package history enables you to view the history of checked in package revisions. This opens up the package in read-only mode, enabling you to view the package contents but not make any changes to the package. To review package history follow the steps below:

1.In the Project Browser window, right-click on the package configured for version control. The context menu displays.
2.Select the Package Control | File History menu option.
·If the package has been configured through SCC, you access the history through the mechanism offered by the third party SCC provider
·If the package has been configured for CVS, the CVS File History dialog displays and the following steps apply.
3.In the Revisions field, click on a revision number to view the log entries for that revision.
4.To view the package history select a revision and then click on the Check Out button. A warning dialog displays, indicating that the model will be opened in read-only mode.
5.Click on the Yes button to continue or the No button to cancel the action. The Add Comments dialog displays.
6. In the text field,  type comments regarding the retrieval of the package history. Click on the OK button to proceed.
7.The package is retrieved in read only mode to enable you to view the history of the package at the specified version.
8.To go back to the latest version, in the Project Browser window right-click on the package and select the Package Control | Check In.. menu option to check in the package.