WSDL Service

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WSDL services are represented in Enterprise Architect by UML interfaces, stereotyped as WSDLservice. Services should be defined under the Services packages in the WSDL namespace structure.

To define new WSDLservice elements for your namespace, follow the steps below:

1.Open the Overview diagram defined for your WSDL namespace package. This opens the WSDL pages in the Enterprise Architect UML Toolbox.
2.Drag the Service element from the Toolbox onto a diagram. The WSDL Service dialog displays.
3.In the Name field, type the service name.
4.Click on the New button to add Service Ports. The WSDL Port dialog displays.
5.Enter the Port Name and Location, and select a Binding. The list of Bindings is taken from those defined in the Bindings package.
6.Click on the OK button to close the WSDL Port dialog. For each Port defined in this way, Enterprise Architect creates an Association relationship between the Service and corresponding Binding element.
7.Click on the OK button to close the WSDL Service dialog.

You can edit the WSDL-specific properties of the service later by double-clicking the Service interface in the diagram or Project Browser window. Alternatively, click on the UML button in the WSDL Service dialog to invoke the standard Properties dialog for an interface.