XML Specifications

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The XML Specifications page of the Options dialog enables you to configure various settings for working with XML.


XML Specifications Settings:

·Editor - Set the default editor for XML documents you open within Enterprise Architect.
·Format XML Output - This option enables you to determine whether  formatting is applied to your XML output.
·Write Log - Set whether to write to a log file when you import or export XML.
·Use DTD - Set whether to use DTD.
·Export Diagrams - Set whether to export diagrams when you export XML.
·Export Alternate Images - Set whether to export the alternative images used in the model when you export to XML.
·Export Diagram Images - Set whether to export diagrams as images when you export XML.
·Image Type ?/span> Select the format of the image to export to if Export Diagram Images is checked.
·Default XMI Version - XMI version to use - Enterprise Architect or Rose.
·Code Page - Sets the Code Page to use; setting a NULL encoding string results in the encoding tag being entirely omitted from the XML output.
·Prefix EA Tagged Values in XMI 1.0 with ea$ - Set whether to prefix any Enterprise Architect Tagged Values within any XMI 1.0 you create with ea$.
·Update Last Save Time in Controlled Packages - Set whether to update the time you last saved in controlled packages.
·Default XML Directory - Default XML directory to use when importing and exporting XML.