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5.5 Exercises

Solutions to these exercises are supplied in Section B.1.3

  1. Describe Figure 5-14: identify components and nodes, and describe the relationships among components and nodes.

    Figure 5-14. Components and nodes for the project management system
  2. Describe Figure 5-15: identify the various elements and their relationships.

    Figure 5-15. Packages and a subsystem

    Update the diagram stepwise to show the following details. After each step, check your answers against the solutions shown in Appendix B:

    1. The User Interface package uses the IView and IPrint interfaces provided by the Reporting subsystem.

    2. The User Interface and Utility packages resides in a User Interface component.

    3. The Reporting subsystem and Utility package reside in a Reporting component.

    4. The User Interface component is deployed on a Desktop Client node.

    5. The Reporting component is deployed on a Report Server node.

    6. The Desktop Client node is connected to the Report Server node, and the Report Server node is connected to a High-speed Printer node.

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