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The ATM Side of the Application

// ATMMain.cpp: The main driving routine for the ATM side of the 

// application. This main function initializes the Card Slot

// directory (to simulate the card slot of the card reader), and ATM

// Slot directory (to simulate the ATM slot where the ATM puts the

// cards it eats. These are initialized from two command line

// arguments, which are passed in to the main program. It then

// builds a network object, which would require some parameter to

// initialize a particular byte-transmission mechanism in the

// real world. For this simulation, the user will type in strings to

// simulate information transmitted over a network of some kind.

// The main method then builds BankProxy around the network and

// uses it to create an ATM object. It then activates the ATM

// object, which sits in an infinite loop waiting for bank cards.

#include <iostream.h>

#include ''network.hpp''

#include ''atm.hpp''

#include ''trans.hpp''


main(int argc, char** argv)


     if (argc != 3) {

          cout << ''Usage: '' << argv[0] << '' CardSlotsATMSlots\n'';



  Network *network = new Network;

     BankProxy* MyBank = new BankProxy(network);

     ATM *a1 = new ATM(MyBank, ''ATM1'', 8500.00);

     strcpy(CardSlots, argv[1]);

     strcpy(ATMSlots, argv[2]);


     delete MyBank;

     delete a1;



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