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The Network.hpp File

// Network.hpp: The header file for the network implementation 

// class. While not a first-class citizen in this design (i.e., a key

// abstraction), it is a very important implementation class. This

// class is a basic wrapper for the physical network, whatever it

// happens to be (a pipe, sockets, a LAN, a WAN, a telephone, two

// soup cans). The data of the Network class can be filled in with the

// reader's favorite mechanism. The methods of the class clearly

// state where a send buffer or receive buffer needs to be placed.

// This code has a simulation so that both sides of the application

// can be tested.

#ifndef _NETWORK_

#define _NETWORK_

#include <iostream.h>

#include <stdlib.h>

#include <string.h>

#include ''consts.hpp''

#define BANK_SIDE

class Transaction;

class Network {

// The user's favorite byte-transmission method goes here. See the

// implementation of the four methods to determine where the send

// and receives for this method need to go.


#ifdef ATM_SIDE

   int send(Transaction* t);

   int receive(int& status, char* buf);


#ifdef BANK_SIDE

   Transaction* receive();

   void send(int status, Transaction* t);




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