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2.6 Roles Versus Classes

Heuristic 2.11

Be sure the abstractions that you model are classes and not simply the roles objects play.

Is Mother or Father a class, or are they the roles that certain Person objects play? The answer depends on the domain that a designer is modeling. If, in the given domain, Mother and Father have different behavior, then they should probably be modeled as classes. If they have the same behavior, then they are different roles that objects of the Person class play. For example, we can view a family as an object of the class Father, an object of the class Mother, and several Child objects. An alternative might be to think of a family as a Person object called father, a Person object called mother, and an array of Person objects called children (see Figure 2.11). The distinction depends on differing behavior. Before creating separate classes, be sure the behavior is truly different and that you do not just have a situation where each role is using a subset of the Person functionality. Remember, there is nothing wrong with an object using a subset of its class's behavior.

Figure 2.11. Two views of a family.


Some designers test if a member of a public interface cannot be used in a given role. If it cannot be used, this implies the need for a different class. If it is simply not being used, then it is the same class used in multiple roles. For example, if an operation of mother is go_into_labor(), then mother is best implemented as a separate class since fathers are incapable of going into labor. However, if our family lives in a sexist society where only mothers are to execute the change_diaper() method, then mother is simply a role of the person class. This decision is made because fathers could execute the change_diaper() method if necessary. This point gets convoluted in more abstract domains where it is not clear what cannot be executed versus what a designer or domain chooses not to execute.

During the design process, object-oriented designers are clearly drawn to make or not make a particular role into a class. This implies that there is a missing heuristic waiting to be discovered. The preceding paragraph gives a best guess to this heuristic, but I am not yet satisfied that it will apply to all domains.

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