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UML for Database Design

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Naiburg, Eric J.

UML for database design / Eric J. Naiburg, Robert A. Maksimchuk.

p. cm.

Includes bibliographical references and index.

ISBN 0-201-72163-5

1. Database design. 2. UML (Computer science) I. Maksimchuk, Robert A. II. Title

QA76.9.D26 N35 2002



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First printing July 2001

To my wife, Shelley, and my children, Ken and Val. Thanks for your patience and understanding during this long project. Now things can get back to abnormal around here. Love, Bob

To my wife, Karalyn, my son, Joseph, and my daughter, Katherine, who arrived partway through the process of writing this book. Thank you for pushing me to continue even when I wanted to slow down, for understanding the importance of this project, and for giving me my space when I needed to get the work done. I love you all, Eric

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