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Who Should Read This Book?

Many members of the software development team梞anagers, team leaders, systems analysts, data analysts, software developers, and database designers, among others梒an benefit from the information presented in this book. As we mentioned earlier, systems development is a team sport.

Specifically, this book is designed using a role-centric approach with the database team in mind. It highlights the role of the database team, including the database designer/analyst and database administrator roles. We will address the full life cycle of database design: database development from requirements to tables to deployment. The intent is to help these members of the team ease their transition from modeling with entity-relationship notations to modeling with the UML.

However, if you want to understand how the UML can be used throughout the system development life cycle, whether from the database or application point of view, we believe this book will be of significant value to you.

This book does not teach the UML or database design from the ground up. There are numerous books and courses that do that very well. However, you do not need to be an expert in these areas since we will introduce the important concepts at a level that will enable you to understand the material.

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