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Thanks first to God without whom none of this would be possible.

Thanks to Paul Becker, Jessica Cirone, Elizabeth Ryan, and Ross Venables of Addison-Wesley for their invaluable assistance in the overall process.

Thanks to all our reviewers who kept us walking the straight and narrow path. A special thanks to Mike Engle, one of the best System Engineers and OO practitioners in the business. His thorough and relentless technical review added immensely to this book.

Thanks to Jim Conallen, Kevin Kelly, Terry Quatrani, Davor Gornik, Jeff Hammond, and Steve Rabuchin for their valued advice.

Thanks to Lisa Connelly and Mary Cicalese, who helped to make the opportunity for me (Eric) to move up in the world come true. Thanks also to Ed McLaughlin, who gave me the chance to prove myself; without that opportunity, I would not have the knowledge and skill to write this book.

Thank you to the people who have taken part on the data modeling team at Rational Software Corporation, without whom both of us would not have had the ability to prove our vision and see it come to life. This team includes Hong Lee Yu, Scott Schneider, Will Lyons, Tommy Fannon, Kingsley Wood, Barbara Evans, Larry Dunnell, Brian Lim, Bonnie St. John, Deborah Ford, Der Ping Chou, Douglas Robb, Hermant Kolwalkar, Ron DeWolfe, Rose Rosario, Susan Anstey, Teresa Dowling, Xiangmin Wang, Xiang (April) Li, Yi Gao, and Zoe Lin.

And a special thanks to Grady Booch and Jim Rumbaugh.

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