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Use Case Description桹MaR Project

Use Case Name: Establish MDS
Use Case Purpose: The purpose of this use case is to create a new MDS for a newly admitted Resident.
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Preconditions: Existing Clinical Records have been transferred to the Facility. The Access Clinical Records use case has been successfully executed.
Postconditions: A new MDS is created.
Limitations: This first MDS must be completed by the Assessment Reference Date (ARD). The ARD = 5 days after admission for Medicare Residents or 14 days after admission for non-Medicare Residents. For Medicare Residents a new MDS must be created 5, 14, 30, 60, and 90 days after admission.
Assumptions: None identified.

Basic Flow:

A. The Nurse reviews the Clinical Records via the Access Clinical Records use case.
B. If there is no new MDS, the Nurse creates a new MDS for this Resident.
C. The Nurse adds the newly created MDS to the Clinical Records.

Alternate Flow:

Condition Triggering Alternate Flow:? The new MDS is not created prior to the ARD or, for a Medicare Resident, a new MDS was not created at the appropriate times (see limitations) after admission.

A. This use case will not be modified by these conditions. A process will be run daily (during third shift). This process will report on any such MDS creation/update violations.

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