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15.6. Test Your Understanding


Indicate whether the following are true or false:

  1. A strongly named assembly must be stored in the GAC.

  2. When compiling an application, the CLR automatically searches the GAC for a referenced assembly.

  3. When loading an assembly, the CLR automatically searches the GAC for a referenced assembly.

  4. A public key token must exist in the manifest of an assembly referencing a strongly named assembly.


You are developing a component for a class library and want to follow good coding practices. Evaluate the assembly with FxCop. The output includes the following message. What is missing from your code?

TypeName= "AssembliesShouldDeclareMinimumSecurity" 


What are the four parts of an assembly's strong name?


How do you assign a version number to an assembly? How are default values for the build number and revision determined?


What three methods are used to modify a stack walk? Describe the role of each.


What is delayed signing, and why is it used?


Identify each of the following: predefined permission, named permission set, and security zone.


Indicate whether the following statements about assembly deployment are true or false:

  1. Only a strongly named assembly can be placed in the GAC.

  2. The <probing> element must specify a directory below the application's base directory.

  3. The <codeBase> element is used to redirect the CLR to use a newer version of an assembly.

  4. XCOPY deployment can be used to install shared assemblies.


What element or elements need to be added to this application configuration file so that the application will access the new version of this component, rather than the previous version? Both the application and component reside in c:\data\.


   <assemblyIdentity name="movieclass"


               culture="neutral" />   

   ---> Insert code here


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