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Core J2EE Patterns, Second Edition, Alur/Malks/Crupi

Core PHP Programming, Third Edition, Atkinson/Suraski

Core Lego Mindstorms, Bagnall

Core JSTL, Geary

Core JavaServer Faces, Geary/Horstmann

Core Web Programming, Second Edition, Hall/Brown

Core Servlets and JavaServer Pages, Second Edition, Hall/Brown

Core Java™ 2, Volume I桭undamentals, Horstmann/Cornell

Core Java™ 2, Volume II桝dvanced Features, Horstmann/Cornell

Core C# and .NET, Perry

Core CSS, Second Edition, Schengili-Roberts

Core Security Patterns, Steel/Nagappan/Lai

Core Java Data Objects, Tyagi/Vorburger/McCammon/Bobzin

Core Web Application Development with PHP and MySQL, Wandschneider

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