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Chapter 25 Quick Reference


Do this

Create a Web application.

Create a new Web Site. Use the ASP.NET Web Site template. Specify whether you want to use the Development Web Server (specify a FileSystem location and filename), or IIS (specify an HTTP location and URL).

View and edit the HTML definition of a Web form.

Switch to Source View in the Design View window.

Create a style for a Web form.

On the Format menu, click Style. Use the Style Builder dialog box to define the style for the form.

Add Server controls to a Web form.

Switch to the Design View in the Design View window. In the Toolbox, expand the Standard category. Drag controls onto the Web form.

Add HTML controls to a Web form.

In the Toolbox, click the HTML category. Drag controls onto the Web form.

Create an event handler for a Server control.

In Design View, select the control on the Web form. In the Properties window, click the Events button. Locate the event you want to use and type the name of an event handler method. In Code and Text Editor window, write the code for the event.

View the HTML source code for a Web form at run time.

On the View menu in Internet Explorer, click Source. The HTML source will be displayed in Notepad.

Create a Theme.

Add an App_Themes folder to the Web site. Create a sub-folder for the Theme. Create a skin file defining the properties of controls in this folder.

Apply a Theme to a Web site.

Either specify the Theme using the @Page attribute of each page, like this:

<%@Page Theme="BlueTheme" ...%>

or, modify the Web.config file and specify the Theme in the pages element, like this:

        <pages theme="BlueTheme" />

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