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Chapter 8 Quick Reference


Do This

Define a page that will represent the common look and feel of a series of pages in a Web site

Add a Master Page to the site

Create a page based on the Master Page

Check the Select master page check box when creating forms for a site

Add elements to the Master Page that will show up in pages based on the Master Page

Place elements outside the area represented by the content pane. A Layout table is useful for this

Add individual elements to content pages

Add elements within the content page shown on the page

Create a Theme for a page

Add a new Theme folder to the App_Theme folder within your application. Use a Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) to define styles and classes for the Theme

Apply a Theme to a page

Set the Theme property within the Page Directive


Set the Theme property within the page during the page's PreInit event

Create a Skin

Create a text file within a Theme folder. Name the file <whateverthethemefolderis>.skin. Add control declarations with their properties set to default values

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