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Chapter 9 Quick Reference


Do This

View raw configuration files

Look in the Windows directory under Microsoft.NET\Framework\ ver<whatevertheversionis>\config

Change configuration settings in a specific ASP.NET application

Place a Web.Config file in the application's virtual directory and modify the settings

Change configuration settings for a specific subdirectory underneath a virtual directory

Place a separate Web.Config file in the subdirectory


Use the Local element in the virtual directory's Web.Config file

Modify a Web application's settings using the Web site Administration tool

Select Web site | Administer Web site from the main menu in Visual Studio

Modify a Web application's settings using the IIS ASP.NET Configuration table

Open the IIS control panel

Highlight the virtual directory setting

Right mouse click to bring up the Properties page

Push the Configuration button

Select the ASP.NET tab

Retrieve settings from the configuration file

Use the ASP.NET ConfigurationManager class

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