Next Up: The .NET Framework Class Library

The information presented in this chapter sets the stage for Chapter 3, which introduces the all-important .NET Framework class library. Now when you encounter the term 鈥渃lass鈥?or 鈥渟truct,鈥?you鈥檒l know precisely what it means. When you use a class that has a Close or Dispose method, you鈥檒l realize that it probably wraps an unmanaged resource that shouldn鈥檛 wait to be freed until the garbage collector runs. You鈥檒l understand how code that uses types defined in the FCL dynamically links to FCL assemblies. And you鈥檒l know how to respond gracefully when the FCL throws an exception.

Without further delay, therefore, let鈥檚 peel the curtain away from the .NET Framework class library and learn how to use it to write great applications.