A Glimpse into the Future

A lot of developers鈥攏ot all of them Microsoft employees鈥攂elieve that Web forms are a glimpse into the future of Web programming. The idea of encapsulating complex rendering and behavioral logic in reusable control classes and having those controls fire events that can be processed on Web servers is one whose time has come. Server controls provide the building blocks for sophisticated Web forms while shielding the developer from the nuances of HTML and client-side scripting. That鈥檚 a win no matter how you look at it (or which computer company鈥擲un or Microsoft鈥攜ou swear allegiance to).

You now know more about Web forms than 99.999 percent of the people on the planet. But there鈥檚 still much to learn. In the next chapter, you鈥檒l continue the journey to Web Forms enlightenment by learning about all the different controls in System.Web.UI.WebControls. After that, you鈥檒l learn how to build Web controls of your own, structure applications around Web forms, create secure Web forms, and much more. Most important, you鈥檒l discover that putting your software on the Web isn鈥檛 such a scary proposition after all.