Microsoft .NET: A Whole New Ball Game

That does it for .NET remoting. That does it for this book, too; you鈥檝e reached the end. You鈥檝e seen up close and personal what programming with the .NET Framework is like. If there鈥檚 one thing that should be apparent to you, it鈥檚 that Microsoft .NET changes the rules of the game and provides a whole new paradigm for writing and executing code. The old ways have passed away. New ways have taken their place.

As you embark upon your new career as a Microsoft .NET programmer, keep in mind that the .NET Framework isn鈥檛 standing still. As you read this, programmers in Redmond, Washington, are busy adding new features and figuring out what the framework must do to adapt to the needs not only of today鈥檚 developers, but also of tomorrow鈥檚. Keep an eye on the Microsoft .NET home page——for late-breaking news.