Picture Properties

Some ActiveX controls support picture properties, which can accommodate bitmaps, metafiles, and icons. If an ActiveX control has at least one picture property, ClassWizard generates a CPicture class in your project during the control's installation. You don't need to use this CPicture class, but you must use the MFC class CPictureHolder. To access the CPictureHolder class declaration and code, you need the following line in StdAfx.h:

#include <afxctl.h>

Suppose you have an ActiveX control with a picture property named Picture. Here's how you set the Picture property to a bitmap in your program's resources:

CPictureHolder pict;
pict.CreateFromBitmap(IDB_MYBITMAP); // from project's resources

If you include the AfxCtl.h file, you can't statically link your program with the MFC library. If you need a stand-alone program that supports picture properties, you'll have to borrow code from the CPictureHolder class, located in the \Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio\VC98\mfc\src\ctlpict.cpp file.