PortSight Secure Access Documentation

Importing Users, User Groups and Organizational Units


PortSight Secure Access Enterprise Edition allows you to import users, groups and organizational units from the following sources:


It imports them including membership information. You can choose to import only once (manually) or schedule a regular import, that updates the Secure Access database when source information is changed. You can also combine information from several sources into one Secure Access catalog - for example you can import account information from the Active Directory and add additional information from your HR database.



Please note that Secure Access only imports data from the external source to the Secure Access database. It doesn't modify the data in the external source in any way.


To set up the import, please launch the Catalog Manager and click "Import Settings". The list of directory ports opens. The directory port describes an external data source and settings for importing data.


Directory Port Listing


In the listing dialog you can click the following buttons:


Setting Up a Regular Import


If you schedule a regular import from an external datasource, you also need to set up regular execution of import.exe, which is the program that ensures the import. Please see Appendix D - Import.exe Configuration.


    Important Note

Please note that the import process may take several minutes up to a few hours depending on the amount of the source data. It can also significantly stress your database server. Thus, it's recommended that you schedule the import for night hours or other time when your server is not fully utilized.