PortSight Secure Access Documentation

Running Secure Access on Web Farms


PortSight Secure Access 2.0 was tested with Microsoft Application Center 2000 SP1. If you follow instructions in the Developer Guide for WebForms your applications will be able to use Secure Access in a Web Farm.


Installating Secure Access on a Web Farm


  1. Set up the Application Center according to its documentation.
  2. Install Secure Access user interface on the cluster in the Web Farm using the Catalog Manager.
  3. You must use either StateServer or SQLServer session mode, not InProc session mode. Please see ASP.NET documentation for more details on how to set it up.
  4. Make sure that the web.config (or machine.config) file of the Secure Access user interface or of your application contains the same machine key on all computers in the Web farm. If it's not configured, please add the following lines to the /configuration/system.web section of the web.config:










Note: Please note that all sites in the Web farm must use the same web.config file. The <authentication mode="Forms"> section must contain the same settings on all sites.


Installing ARWebService on a Web Farm


  1. You must fulfil all prerequisites for using Secure Access on a Web Farm.
  2. If you use X.509 certificates, you must install them on each Web Server in the Web Farm manually.
  3. It's necessary to share the catalogs.xml file and use UNC path to locate it.