PortSight Secure Access Documentation

Using Secure Access User Controls


PortSight Secure Access is delivered together with reusable user controls. You can easily place these controls into your application without significant effort and change its design so that it fits to the design of your application.

    Important note

Some of the Secure Access user controls expect user ticket of the currently logged on user to be stored in the session("ARUserTicket") variable. If you don't use the recommended steps for user authentication, please ensure creating the user ticket in the Session_Start event in the Global.asax file or in your own logon form.

The components also expect connection string to the Secure Access database to be stored in the SecureAccessConnectionString key within appSettings section in the Web.config file.

    Source Code

In this chapter we will re-use the application used in the chapter about Authentication. You can find a complete project with all code from this chapter in the Examples\VB\SASampleVB (or Examples\CS\SASampleCS) folder in the PortSight Secure Access installation folder.

Please see Appendix A - User Controls Reference for complete reference of the re-usable controls included in PortSight Secure Access.