PortSight Secure Access Documentation

Appendix A - ASP.NET User Controls Reference


This chapter describes ASP.NET user controls and pages that are included in the Secure Access distribution. These user controls can help you add user management and security features to your application very quickly. You can reuse the following controls:




If you need to know how to use the controls, please see the example in the "Using Secure Access User Controls in your Application" chapter in the Developer's Guide.

You can also use the Secure Access user interface which is also a reference application since it's delivered with its source code.



If you're not sure how to use some user control, please have a look at the sample projects in the Examples\VB\SASampleVB (or Examples\CS\SASampleCS) folder in the PortSight Secure Access installation folder.


    Used Session and Application Variables

Some of the user controls require specific session or application variables. Refer to the Application and Session Variables chapter later in this appendix for more details.