Controlled Package Menu

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To display the Controlled Package menu, right-click on a version-controlled package in the Project Browser window  to display the context menu, and select the Package Control option.


Menu Option



Displays the Package Control Options dialog, which enables you to specify whether this package (and its child packages) is controlled and which file it is controlled through.

Save package to file

Saves a controlled package to an XMI file.

Load package from file

Loads a previously-saved XMI file.

View package XMI

Displays the package XMI after the package has been exported to XMI.

Get Package

Enables you to gain access from packages in the version-controlled repository that is currently available in your model.

Get All Latest

Retrieves the latest version of the package from the repository. Available only for packages that are checked in.

The alternative option Get Latest - if displayed - is not intended for sharing .EAP files and should only be used when  users have their own individual databases.

Version Control Settings

Displays the Version Control Settings dialog.

Update Package Status

Enables you to provide a bulk update on the status of a package. This includes status options such as Proposed, Validate and Mandatory.