Create a Document Object

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To create a virtual document you must create a document object. Follow the steps below:

1.Create a new Class diagram.
2.From the Enterprise Architect UML Toolbox, drag the Class icon onto the diagram to create a new Class. Give the Class an appropriate name: for example, if the documentation is relevant to the shopping cart components of a model, you could call it ShoppingCartDocumentation.
3.In the Stereotype field of the Class Properties dialog, type or select Model Document.

Note: This is crucial to the virtual documentation process. The stereotype must be Model Document in order for the process to work correctly.

4.Click on the OK button to finish the document object.

Notice the small icon on the top right-hand corner of your Class, which indicates that this is a document object.

Tip: Resize your ShoppingCartDocumentation element as required for neatness.

Your document object appears in the Project Browser window as shown below:


The next step is to add packages to your document.