Virtual Documents

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You can create virtual documents in Enterprise Architect, by setting up a document object (a Class element of stereotype Model Document) and linking packages into the document, in whatever order or combination is most appropriate to your requirements. For example, you could create a document  that includes a Sequence diagram package and Code Engineering packages (these packages are included in the Enterprise Architect example project file).

To create a virtual document, you must Create a document object, Add Packages to Your Document Object, and then Generate the Document.

You can include any combination of packages, and add or delete packages as required. You can also Rearrange the Package Order within the documentation.

The document obtains its contents dynamically, that is, you don't have to update the document if you make a change to one of the packages included in it.

Tip: You can create as many document objects as required, for as many combinations of packages as required. You can include the same package in multiple objects.