Set Up Cross References

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It is possible to set up a cross reference from one element in Enterprise Architect to another. Conversely, you can view existing cross references on an element, using the Hierarchy window.

Set Up a Cross Reference

To set up a cross reference, follow the steps below:

1.In the Project Browser window, locate the target element or diagram (that is, the subject of the cross reference).
2.Open a diagram that contains the element(s) that are to have the currently selected element as a reference.
3.Right-click on the element, The context menu displays.
4.Select the Add element as element(s) option.  (In the case of a diagram select Add diagram as element(s) reference....)
5.In the Set Reference dialog,  select the checkbox against each element to include in the explorer as a reference.
6.Optionally, in the Comment field, type some text to describe the purpose of the reference.

Use the Cross Reference

To use the cross reference, follow the steps below:

1.Select an element in a diagram.
2.Select the Element | Custom References menu option. Alternatively, press [Ctrl]+[J].
3.The Custom References dialog displays, showing a list of elements that have been set as cross references.
4.You can open a selected element by highlighting it and clicking on the Open button.
5.If you have a diagram cross reference, you can open that diagram.
6.If you have a string of diagram links, click on the Home button to return to the original diagram.