Debug - COM interop

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Enterprise Architect enables you to debug .NET managed code executed using COM in either a Local or an In-Process server. This feature is useful for debugging Plugins and ActiveX components.

1.Create a package in Enterprise Architect and import the code to debug. See Code Engineering.
2.Ensure the COM component is built with debug information.
3.Create a Script for the Package.
4.In the Debug tab, you can elect to either attach to an unmanaged process (specify the Attach keyword) or specify the path to an unmanaged application to call your managed code.


5.Add breakpoints in the source code to debug.

Attaching to an unmanaged process:

·If an In-Process COM server, attach to the client process or
·If a Local COM Server, attach to the server process.

Click on the Debug Run button (or press [F6]) to display a list of processes from which you can choose.

Important: Detaching from a COM interop process you have been debugging terminates the process. This is a well known issue for Microsoft .NET Framework, and information on it can be found on many of the MSDN .NET blogs.