Dependency Report

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A Dependency Report shows, in a tabular form, a list of elements that realize other elements, i.e. elements that are the target of a Realization connector. A Dependency Report does not show a list of elements linked by Dependency connectors; that information is available from the Hierarchy window.

To view a dependency report, follow the steps below:

1.In the Project Browser window, right-click on the package  to report on (the report includes all sub-packages as well) to open the context menu.
2.Select the Documentation | Dependency Report menu option.
3.The Dependencies dialog displays a list of all elements that implement other elements in the provided list, together with the elements that are dependent. Save or print the results if required.



Root Package

The root package. All elements and packages under this appear in the report.

Locate Object

Locate the element selected in the report list in the Project Browser window.


Run the report again.

Dependency Details

List of dependency details; lists elements in the current hierarchy and elements that implement them.


Print the list.