Diagram Only Report

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You can also produce an RTF report that contains only the relevant diagrams from the target package. This is convenient for printing or handling a lot of diagrams in batch, rather than exporting or printing each one at a time.

To Produce a Diagram Only Report

1.Right-click on a package in the Project Browser window. The context menu displays.
2.Select the Documentation | Diagrams Only Report menu option. The Export Diagrams to RTF Document dialog displays.
3.Select the options you require, as follows:
·Select the Embed Diagrams in Document checkbox to ensure the diagrams are created within the RTF file, not as linked image files
·Select the Include all child packages checkbox to document all of the diagrams included in any child package
·Select the Include Diagram Name checkbox to include the diagram name within the generated documentation
·Select the Order Diagrams Alphabetically checkbox to generate the documentation in alphabetical order.
4.Click on the Generate button to run the report.
5.When the report is generated, click on the View Output button to show the RTF output.