Element Context Menu - Project Browser window

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Right-click on an element (such as class, object, activity, state) in the Project Browser window to open the element's context menu. The example below illustrates the options available from this menu


Menu Option



View and modify the element properties.

Custom Properties

Customize the properties. [Ctrl]+[Shift]+[Enter]


Create a diagram.


Displays the Attribute dialog ready to create a new attribute.


Displays the Operations dialog ready to create a new operation

Generate Code

Generates the source code for this element. [Ctrl]+[G]. See Generate Source Code

Synchronize Model with Code

Synchronizes the source code with the element in the diagram. [Ctrl]+[R].See Reverse Engineer and Synchronizing

View Source Code

View the source code files. [Ctrl]+[E]

Open Source Directory

Opens the source directory. [Ctrl]+[Alt]+[Y]

Find  in diagrams

Locates the element in all open diagrams. [Ctrl]+[U]

Locate in Current Diagram

Selects the element in the current visible diagram.

Copy RTF Bookmark

Copy a bookmark in RTF format to the clipboard.

Linked Document

Creates a Linked Document (Corporate edition only). [Ctrl]+[Alt]+[D] see Linked Documents

Add Custom Reference


Move Up

Move the element up in the list of elements within this package.

Move Down

Move the element down in the list of elements within this package.

Delete '<element Name>'

Delete the element.


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