Image and Object Imports

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Embed Picture

Embeds a picture bitmap or Windows metafile from an external disk file at the current cursor location.

The embedded picture is saved within the document.

Link Picture

Links a picture bitmap or Windows metafile to the document. The linked picture appears at the current cursor location.

Linked picture data is not saved with the document, only its filename is stored within the document.

Edit Picture

Changes the width and height of a picture located at the current cursor position. The width and height is specified in inches.

This function also enables you to align (top, bottom, or middle) the picture relative to the base line of the text.

Insert Object

Embeds objects into the text. The list box shows the applications that are available to create the object.

When you select an application, the editor launches it. You can create the required object using this application. When you save the application, the editor inserts an icon for the application. This icon indicates the inserted object. You can later edit the object by double-clicking on it.

Note: You can also use the Paste Special function to import the OLE objects, provided that the object is available in the clipboard.

Drag/Drop Function

Inserts a file object into the text directly. To insert a file, open the Windows File Manager and locate the file to be inserted. Now click on the icon of the file and press and hold the mouse button as you drag the cursor to the editor window. Release the mouse button at the location where the object should be inserted. The editor shows an icon to indicate the inserted object.

You can edit this object by double-clicking the icon. An object inserted using this method makes use of Microsoft's Packager application to tie the file with the application that originally created it.

Note: A documented problem with the original Packager application might create errors during this function. Install the corrected version of the PACKAGER.EXE program for proper functioning.

Background Picture

This option, available from the Other menu, is used to set a background picture for the text. The background picture occupies the entire text area.

The picture file can be a Windows' bitmap (.BMP) or Metafile (.WMF).