Import Test From Other Elements

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You can import any test from a Use Case or other element into the Testing window. This avoids having to duplicate the test information manually.

Import a Test

To import a test, follow the steps below:

1.Select the View | Testing menu option  to display the Testing window. Open a diagram and select the required element; all of the test scripts for that element display in the Testing window.
2.Right-click on the list of test cases to display the context menu, and select the Import Tests from Other Element menu option. The Import Element Tests dialog displays
3.Select the test to import from the Select items to import list. You can import tests from any element in the model by clicking on the Select element drop-down arrow and selecting the required element.
4.Click on the OK button to import the selected test(s).

The Import Element Tests dialog has the following additional options:



Show related elements only

Filters selection to apply only to related elements.

Limit Selection to these Object Types only

Type in specific element types, separated by commas, to filter for only those element types.


Refresh available options.