Insert Operation Parameter

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You can add operation parameters to an operation through the in-place editing options, using hotkey commands or menu shortcuts. To add parameters to operations in a Class diagram element, follow the steps below:

1.Open the diagram containing the element.
2.Click on the element, and on the operation to update within the element. The item line is highlighted in a lighter shade (the default is white), to indicate that it has been selected.
3.Press [F2], or right-click on the selected item to display the context menu and select the Edit Selected option.
4.Move the cursor inside the parameter brackets and click on the reference to the parameter (eg. bks: for a vector containing books). Either:
·Type the name of the parameter or
·Place the cursor after the reference, right-click the mouse to display the inline editing options menu and select the Insert Classifier option.


5.The Set Element Classifier dialog displays, 
6.Click on the appropriate parameter from the list of available items, and click on the OK button. The parameter is displayed on the diagram.
7.Press [Enter] to accept the change or [Esc] to cancel the change. The diagram is updated to reflect the changes.