The Relationships Window

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The Relationships window displays all connections between the currently selected element and other elements. This provides a quick overview of an element's relationships in the model.


For each link, the link type and target element are displayed. If a 'Yes' appears in the Target in Diagram column, the target element is visible in the currently loaded diagram. This is useful when you are dragging related elements from the relations list onto the current diagram.

Double-click on a link in the list to open the <linktype> Properties dialog, where you can edit the link attributes. Right-click on a link to open the context menu.

You can locate the related element, view the related element properties or delete the connector. You can also hide certain links from appearing in diagrams.

If an element is not visible in the current diagram, the context menu has an option to place the selected element in the current diagram. This is useful when you are building a picture of what an element interacts with, especially when reverse engineering an existing code base.