Local Pre/Post Conditions

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Actions can be further defined with pre-condition and post-condition notes, which constrain an Action's entry and exit. These notes can be added to an Action as defined below.

Activity - ActionPrePost

See UML Superstructure Specification, v2.0, figure 200, p. 283.

Create a Constraint

To attach a constraint to an Action follow the steps below:

1.Right-click on the action.  The context menu displays:
2.Select the Add | Constraint menu option. A Note is created on the diagram, linked to the action.
3.Right-click on the Note. The context menu displays.
4.Select the Properties menu option. The Constraint dialog displays.
Activity - ActionCondition2
5.In the Constraint Type field, click on the drop-down arrow and select the required constraint type.
6.In the Constraint field, type the text for the constraint.
7.Click on the OK button to save the constraint.