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To enter metrics for an element, follow the steps below:

1.Select the element.
2.Select the View | Project Management menu option. The Project Management window displays, showing the Resource Allocation tab.
3.Click on the Metrics tab.
4.Click on the New button on the Project Management window toolbar. (If the window does not display as shown, click on the Show/Hide Properties button on the toolbar.)

The Metrics tab enables you to enter the following data:

·A name for the metric (short description)
·The type of metric (click on the drop-down arrow and select, or type the name in; type names are not added to the global metric type list))
·A weighting for the metric
·Some notes on the metric.

To edit an existing item, click on the required item in the list on the left of the window.

Note: Although Enterprise Architect does not currently provide detailed reports on metrics within a model, you can use Automation Interface or similar tools to create your own custom reports based on metric information you enter.