Resource Report

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To generate a resource report on a package, either:

·In the Project Browser window, right-click on the package to create a report for and, from the context menu, select the Documentation | Resource Allocation option, or
·If the diagram currently active belongs to the package to create a report for, select the Project | Documentation | Resource and Tasking Details menu option.

The Resource and Tasking Details dialog displays a list of all elements that have resources allocated to them. The result list includes the resource allocated, the start and end dates, the percentage complete and other relevant information. You can print out the results if required.




Root Package

The name of the root package for which resourcing is being determined.


The (optional) name of a specific resource assigned to the project.

As At Date

Date to run the resource report for.

Cut Off

Set the percentage complete limit to include or exclude resource details; see Show Where.

Show Where

Show resourcing where percentage complete is Complete, Above the cut-off, Below the cut-off, or any of these three.


Click on this button to refresh the form.

Locate Object

(Click on an entry in the report.) Click on this button to find the selected element from the results list in the Project Browser window.


Click on this button to print the report.

Resourcing Details

List of resources that meet the search criteria.