Manual Version Control with XMI

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You can use XMI to support version control by writing model elements in XML text files suitable for use with standard version control software. Using XMI in this manner enables you to manually connect to third-party version control software outside the Enterprise Architect environment. Enterprise Architect internally supports the configuration of version control through SCC and CVS configurations.

To use XMI for version control, you must first:

1.Select suitable packages in the Project Browser window, to be marked as controlled packages.
2.Configure these with filenames that are visible to a version control system of your choice.
3.Save the controlled packages to establish a model base and check these into the version control system.

When Versioning is Required

Continue working on a package until versioning is required then follow the steps below:

1.Check out the package XMI file from the version control system.
2.Save the relevant package using the controlled package support.
3.Check the package back into the version control system.

Recover an Earlier Version

To recover an earlier version, follow the steps below:

1.Save the current version first, if required (important, because the package is completely deleted during the import process) and manually update the version control system if necessary.
2.Get the required package version from the version control system.
3.Select the package to reload.
4.Select the Package Control | Load package from file menu option to import the previous version.

Enterprise Architect deletes the controlled package and restores the previous version.