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A Change element is a structured comment that contains information about requested changes to the system/model. This corresponds in some sense to a change in requirements for the current system. Enterprise Architect enables you to generate and handle Changes in much the same way as you can handle requirements (see the Requirements Management topic for more information).

You can link Changes using Realization connectors to model elements that implement the Change, and you can structure a hierarchy of changes using aggregation.

Add a Change Using the Enterprise Architect UML Toolbox

To add a Change to the model using the Enterprise Architect UML Toolbox::

1.Open a Custom diagram.
2.From the Custom pages of the Enterprise Architect UML Toolbox, drag the Change icon onto the diagram.
3.Enter the details as required.

Add a Change Using the Insert New Element Dialog

To add a Change to the model using the Insert New Element dialog, follow the steps below:

1.Right-click on a package in the Project Browser window.
2.Select the Insert | New Element menu option. The New Element dialog displays.
3.In the Type field, click on the drop-down arrow and select Change.
4.In the Name field, type a name for the element.
5.Click on the OK button.