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Java code can be imported into Enterprise Architect. When you import Java, you must select the appropriate source file (.java) as the source code to import.

Enterprise Architect supports most Java constructs and keywords including the AspectJ language extensions.


Aspects are modeled using classes with the stereotype aspect.  These aspects can then contain attributes and methods as for a normal class.  If an intertype attribute or operation is required, you can add a tag className with the value being the name of the class it belongs to.

Pointcuts are defined as operations with the stereotype of pointcut.  These can occur in any java class, interface or aspect.  The details of the pointcut are included in the behavior field of the method.

Advice is defined as an operation with the stereotype advice.  The pointcut this advice operates on is in the behavior field and acts as part of the method's unique signature.  After advice can also have one of the Tagged Values returning or throwing.

If there is a particular feature you require support for that you feel is missing, please contact Sparx Systems.

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