Share a Project

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The easiest way to share a project amongst a work group of developers and analysts is to place the project file on a shared network drive and have people connect concurrently from their Workstation.

Note: Enterprise Architect accepts a number of concurrent connections without issue, although there can be occasional 'lock-outs' when one user tries to access or update something another user is in the process of modifying.

Network Issues

The main issues with shared network access are:

·Changes to the Project Browser window are not automatically updated. To compensate for this, users must occasionally reload their project to view any project changes at this level.
·If two or more people work on the same diagram concurrently, unexpected results can occur. It is best to enable only one analyst to work on a diagram at a time.
·If a user's machine crashes, the network suffers an outage or a machine is turned off unexpectedly, the project file might require repair to compensate for the sudden inconsistency. A repair facility is provided (select the Tools | Manage .EAP File | Repair .EAP File menu option) to carry out this task. This only applies to the file-based version of Enterprise Architect; the DBMS-based version does not suffer this problem.