Sharing an Enterprise Architect Project

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Note: Project Sharing and Replication are only enabled in the Professional and Corporate versions of Enterprise Architect

Sharing a project among a team of designers, developers and analysts is the most efficient way of using Enterprise Architect to manage a team development. Many people can work on the model at the same time and contribute their particular skill. Team members can always see what the latest changes are, keeping the team informed and up to date with the project status.

Sharing an Enterprise Architect Project

You can share an Enterprise Architect project in three ways:

1.Using a shared network directory. In this scenario you place the project file on a shared network drive. Individual developers and analysts can then open and work on the project concurrently. Note that some project views (especially the Project Browser window) require occasional refreshing to see changes made by other users.
2.Using replication. Replication is a powerful means of sharing projects between isolated or mobile users. In the replication scenario a project is converted to a design master, then replicas made of the master. Users take the replicas away, modify the project, then bring their replicas back to be synchronized with the master file.
3.Using a shared DBMS based repository (Corporate edition only).