Remove Replication

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Replication makes many changes to the database structure of your model. As a consequence the model file becomes considerably larger with additional information. If you no longer require a model to be replicable, you can remove all replication features.

Remove Replication

To remove replication, follow the steps below:

1.If a repository is not opened, the menu option for removal of the replication is not enabled. A temporary repository (not the one having replication removed) must be open at the time. Ensure you have a repository opened at the time of creation.
2.Select the Tools | Manage .EAP File | Remove Replication menu option, to open the Remove Replication Wizard.
3.Enter the full path and file name of the project to have replication removed. Click on the Next button.
4.Enter the full path and file name of the base Enterprise Architect model (with no replication) to act as template. Click on the Next button.
5.Enter the full path and required file name for the output file. Click on the Next button.
6.Select whether to have a log file created, and enter a file name for the log file.
7.Click on the Run button  to begin removing replication. Enterprise Architect creates a new project containing all the model information.

Your model has now had replication removed, and should be considerably smaller.

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